Play Time for Cats:The Best Toys for Indoor Cats


In 2017, the total number of cats owned as pets in the United States was about 95.6 millions. Around 68% of all U. S. households owned at least one pet, (Statista Accounts) and you’re just about ready to add your household to that percentage with your new best friend. You’ve adopted a cat and you’re about to introduce her to her new home. One thing you need to remember, once you’ve brought a cat into your home, she assumes everything she sees is now hers, and she is just letting you continue to live there.

However, your cat doesn’t always make the best choices of what she should play with and what she should leave alone. Choosing the best toys for your cat is your job.

Don’t You Become Her Favorite Toy

Your cat has razor sharp teeth and needle sharp claws and you don’t want to become her favorite toy. If you’ve adopted a kitten don’t let her start out biting, scratching and kicking your bare arm or hand. Yes, she is she is a cute little ball of fur now, and she can’t hurt you. But when she is a full-grown cat (nine or ten pounds) she can do some damage. Save your hand and teach her to play with a wand toy– a long stick with bells, feathers, cords etc.that you hold on one end away from those claws. She will love it. When you are through playing, put the wand toy away out of your cat’s reach.

Keep Your Cat Away From DangerousThings

Most people think that cats can’t be trained. They actually can, but it takes a lot of work. It’s faster and easier to train yourself. Put things away that you don’t want your cat to play with while you’re gone. Cats are especially attracted to potted plants because of the potting soil and green leaves. Some plants are dangerous for your cat to ingest. Put your plants on the porch or on a high stand or in another room with the door shut. Keep small things like bits of paper, crayon pieces, beads, etc. off the floor. Cats will end up swallowing them, and you’ll have a sick cat, or a trip to the vet.

There are times when you need to reprimand your cat. When she is about to get into trouble and you need to get her attention quickly, a loud noise will do the trick. Cats hate loud noises. A sharp, loud hand clap, or a rolled up newspaper slapped against a door or a wall will stop her at once. Then you can pick her up and move her to a safer place. One reminder: Never, never hit your cat. She won’t understand why you are hurting her.

Toys Cats Like

Cats like toys that are large enough to pick up in their mouth and carry around. Small toys usually end up under the couch. If there are large and small toys on the floor, your cat may often choose the larger one, especially if the toy has been laced with catnip. She can grab the larger toy in her mouth and carry it around, much like a cat in the wild will carry her kittens from one place to another.

Most cats go crazy with catnip. You might not think catnip is a toy, but it can be very helpful if you are introducing a new toy to your cat. Sprinkle a little catnip on the toy, rub it around on the toy and then give it to your cat. You’ll have immediate acceptance. If you want to give your cat a real treat, spread a newspaper on a hard floor and sprinkle loose catnip on it. Your cat will roll, tumble, toss and act sillier than you’ve ever seen before. Keep a broom handy. When she is through, you will have catnip everywhere.

Toys To Avoid

Especially avoid toys that have beads or buttons sewed on them. Cats will chew them off and may swallow and choke on them. Don’t give your cat toys that are stuffed with odd materials that she can tear apart and swallow. Cats like to play after you’ve gone to bed. They are night creatures. Nighttime is for hunting, daytime is for sleeping. Leave out some larger toys for her to toss around, and put up toys that have loose buttons and strings.

The Best Toys Are Homemade

The best playthings can be made from things around the house. Athletic socks get holes in the toe or the heel. Save a pair or two to make your cat a safe toy. One pair will probably be enough. Open up one sock and stuff the other sock in it until you have a nice big ball at the toe end. Leave enough room at the open end to tie an overhand knot. Your cat will play with it until it falls apart.

A similar toy can be made from lady’s hose. Save up several pairs that have runs in them. Then take one long hose and stuff it with as many hose as it takes to make a long, fat roll. Tie the open end shut with an overhand knot. You can tie cords in a couple of places to give it forms..Use overhand knots. Your cat will drag that thing all over the house.

Finding the Best Toys isn’t Difficult

Remember to select larger toys, select toys with no dangles or beads, put away household items that can be dangerous, and try your hand at making toys for your best furry friend. Your cat is a wonderful animal. She will give you years of love and delight with just a little care from you.






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