Pet Care Trends

What happens to a pet when the owner can no longer care for him?

Colorado Springs, Colorado has one answer

Pets are wonderful companions to elderly people who no longer have family close by.  Their love is unconditional-They don’t care how old their owner is; their love is freely given

Pet Care Trends–News for and about pets

Cats want to be fed immediately. The first chore is get the food down; put out fresh water and clean out the litter box. When that is done, the cat is ready to go back to bed.

Dogs, on the other hand, want to go out as soon as they have their most important person awake. After the  morning walk, then it is time to eat, and have a little play time.

As long as both human and pet are healthy, the arrangement can be very rewarding. However, there is one thing that worries an older person with an animal, and that is , what happens to the pet if  the owner should get sick, or suddenly pass away?

cat and owner

In Colorado Springs, there is an organization that has addressed this issue: Safe Place for Pets.This organization assists the terminally ill residents of the Colorado Counties of El Paso and Teller in finding caring homes for their pets.

Safe Place for Pets goes the extra mile to assist  patients and their families. Oftentimes family members cannot take on the care of a grieving pet  because of their own responsibilities.  Sick pet owners have trouble coping with worry over what will happen to their pet, when they can no longer care for them.

These situations can be overwhelming for everybody involved and this is where Safe Place for Pets can make a difference. Safe Place for Pets often goes the extra mile to see that a good match is made between a prospective adopter and the pet.

Safe Place for Pets‘ mission is assisting the pets of terminally ill owners and because of this, the organization has fewer pets in their care than other shelters in Colorado Springs. They can devote more time to the people and animals and provide a higher level of personal care.

Safe Place for Pets has a number of caring veterinarians who donate and discount their services. Each pet receives a thorough examination and a clean bill of health before being adopted into a new home. Health issues such as diabetes, thyroid, and oral care are addressed before the pet is released into a new home.

This elongated time is called the pre-adopt stage. During this time, Someone from the organization can spend time in the home of the prospective adopter . The adopter and pet can spend time together, or live together to make sure it is a suitable living arrangement. If not, the pet is returned to Safe Place for Pets. 

Board member, Karen Spencer says,”Bottom line, when we give someone who is at the end of their life our word that we are going to take great care of their pet and find it a wonderful loving home, we aim to do exactly that.”

Safe place for Pets was founded 23 years ago by a hospice nurse who found a distressed patient who feared her pet would be euthanized after she died.That nurse reached out to the community and found many people who were interested in finding the pet a home. From that incident, Safe Place for Pets was born.

Man with dog

Board member Spencer also said that there had never been any shortage of  people seeking to surrender a pet, or those looking to adopt a pet,and an army of volunteers who give much of their time to help families in need and to ensure the pets are well cared for.

( From an artice by Wiliam Dagendesh, in the Pikes Peak Courier)


Sales of Pet Clean-up and Odor Control Products Skyrocket

Pet clean-up and odor control products sales have risen significantly in 2019 according to research publisher Packaged Facts, based in Rockville, Md. Cat Litter is the largest category in the pet clean-up and odor conrol market, accounting for 73% of sales. Puppy training pads and dog waste bags together account for 17% of the market. Pet clean-up/odor conrol preparations account for the rest.

The Pet clean-up and odor control market will continue to grow to an estimated $5 billion by 2024.

The idea that pets are part of the family is a trend to look at closely. When pet owners consider their pets family members they tend to keep them close both at home and when out and about . When pets become a close part of our everyday lives, clean-up products become  more nesessary.

Pet owners want products that are not only safe for themselves and their pets, but that will help maintain their pet’s over all wellness.

While cat ownership has remained about the same over the past 5 years, this segment  would gain signficantly, should the cat owning market increase.

Millennials and housing issues is also a trend to consider. Millennials  often live in apartment settings , and just because there is a current shortage of pet friendly housing, it may actually  benefit the pet clean-up and odor control market.

Apartment dwellers are more likely to seek out animals like cats that don’t require being taken out, but need a litter box, and those that have dogs rely on clean-up products  such as training pads and waste bags click here.http://Litter and Litter Boxes-A Review

Natural and eco-friendly have been a big factor in the overall pet market, but it’s been a liitle slow to impact the pet clean- up and odor control segment. However, that is beginning to change as pet owners seek out natural options that won’t harm their pets or the planet.

The environmental impact of cat litter and dog waste are contributing factors driving natural clean-up products. Legislation has also affected the pet Clean-up and Odor conrol market,too. A number of communities have laws that prohibit leavng pet waste in public places. The owners are responsibile for their pets transgressions. Common courtesy demands that pet owners clean up after their pet.

One cannot buy litter wihout wondering if kitty will use it ever again. Cats are finiky and when the owner buys a new litter, the question becomes will Kitty  use it? Pet clean-up and odor control marketers  are well aware that if the cat won’t use the new litter the owner will never try it again.

Much of the innovation that goes into developing new litter is geared to making it more likely that cats will use it.

From: Packaged Facts , Rockville, Md.

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  1. My dog, as soon as he wakes up and sees me getting up, that’s it it’s time for a walk. He doesn’t even want to eat first thing in the morning, he’d rather him and I go on a daily walk so he can stretch his legs.

    My parents are cat owners, exactly as you describe is what their cat is like all about. All she wants is her food, get her litter box clean and she’s ready to go back and lay down. 

    Safe Place For Pets seems like an excellent place for people to bring their pets. We don’t have anything like that here out in British Columbia, Canada.

    1. Thanks for reading the post. Most people do not consider what happens to a pet unless and until they reach old age, or are facing a life threatening disease. 

  2. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. the importance that should be placed on the well- being of our pets are usually not taking into account by most people. i must say that the outline you have given will go a long way to help

    1. Thanks for reading my post. People usually don’t think about their own mortality. But it is the ultimate kindness to remember to make some arrangements- just in case- for our pets.

  3. This is certainly a concern that I’m sure most people do not consider until it becomes relatively too late or out of control. Our pets are so loved that we seldom entertain the thoughts that they might go through hard times during the absence of the owner either due to illness or demise. I have to say, safe place for pets definitely does a wonderful job of addressing the issue and making provisions as well. Thanks 

    1. Thank you for reading my post. Most of us don’t like to think about sickness and death. But we do a disservice to our pets if we don’t make some arrangements just in case.

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