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Every indoor cat needs a box with litter in it. It is an absolute necessity. However, it is usually the very last thing a new cat owner buys. You’ve got the cat, feeding dishes, water bowl, flea collar, sleeping bed, comb, brush, food- wet and dry. You’re on your way home when suddenly you panic. You don’t have a litter box or any Litter. Well how hard can that  be? A cat box  and Litter? 

How Many Kinds Can there Be?

You stop at a pet store  and are suddenly overwhelmed by all kinds of boxes: small ones, large ones, corner boxes, boxes with lids, self-cleaning boxes, all in  variety of colors. Well, you make a selection, anything will do for now. You walk over to the Litter section and are  shocked by the number and kinds of Litter. Clumping, non-clumping, scent controlled,  low-tracking, no dust, low -dust, a variety of Litters now made from plants, and a litter that changes color so you can see whether your cat has an infection or not. You grab a bag, the cheapest, pay for your purchases and head home.

Which Box Is Best?

What kind of box to get and where do you put it in the house? These are the main questions you have to answer before you go shopping. Cats want a box that is large enough to turn around in and do some serious digging and covering. They don’t care what color it is.That is your concern.

Where will you put the box? Cats like a secluded area, away from household traffic. Also, cats need to find the box, and have an uncluttered path to it. If you put it in the basement, be sure the door is always open, or cut  a cat door in the basement door  so your cat can go through.

There are on the market, cat boxes that have covers over them, presumably to give Kitty cat privacy. I don’t think your cat cares. Some will like the cover, some will not. Personally, I don’t fiddle with the extra lids. I think it is just that, something extra. You should consider, however, a box with high sides. Some cats like to scratch a lot, and the high sides will keep the litter inside the box.  A corner box? That is personal decision. As long as the cat has full access, I doubt it will make a difference.

You want a box large enough to accommodate a fair amount of litter and give the cat room to maneuver.

What Kind of Litter?

There are many different kinds of litter, supposedly to cover many different kinds of problems. Basically, your cat just wants something to plant her business in, and proceed to hide it by covering it up .By the way, do you know why cats are so meticulous about covering? It ‘s a carry over from the wild. Cats cover, so that other cats and predators can’t track them.

You want to pick out a clumping litter, it’s easier to clean out the box and Kitty doesn’t care. Don’t buy a scented litter. Some cats will refuse to use it. And you don’t want to deal with a cat that is not happy with her litter box.

Be sure to get a low-dust litter. The dust from some litters can aggravate allergies for cats and for people.

Litter can become a big expense. And obviously, you are always throwing it out, and getting more. So do some price shopping and buy the least expensive litter that has all the additives you need, and buy in large quantities. One company even has a refill program that helps the pocket book.

You want to buy a clumping, low-dust, non-scented litter.  Scoop out the litter box every day, at least once, and completely replace litter once a week. Wash the litter box with clear warm water, dry and refill. That way, you’ll never have cat box odors in your house or apartment. You also will have a happy cat that always uses her box.

Why Cats Refuse to use Litter Box

Every year, a few cats are returned to shelters,or given up to the Humane Society, or turned out of the house because of Litter Box problems. These problems stem from misunderstandings between cat and owner, and needs to be cleared up for the good of both.

First of all,take a good look around the Litter box area. Is it kept clean? Is there anything that could upset your cat? An open window with outside noises, or a curtain flapping? Do you have another animal in the house, or small children ? These sound like crazy questions, but distractions will discourage your cat from using her box.

A stray cat outside can upset your cat inside. If everything is clean and quiet around the Litter box area, then make an appointment with the vet for a checkup for your cat. She may have a urinary infection and, in her mind, the box may be causing her the discomfort.

If that is ruled out, try a different litter. Be sure to clean the soiled area very carefully and put something over the area, so she can’t use it again. After checking all the above situations, you and your cat very likely have found the solution to the problem.

Whatever you do, don’t resort to the old punishment of grabbing the cat, rubbing her nose in the soiled area  and whipping her with your hand or a newspaper. That will only strike fear in your cat and it will do no good. She doesn’t equate the punishment with the mishap. Besides, it is cruel.

All is well

It has been about a week now since you brought home your new beautiful, furry cat, and everybody seems to be settling into a routine.Your cat knows where everything in the house is located. She has picked out her sleeping place–not the lovely cat bed you bought her–at the foot of your bed. All is well. You have a loyal pet to keep you company for a good ten or more years.

Some of you may think that this topic is a strange one to write about but everybody wants a 

healthy cat, and the whole digestive system is the secret to good health.

Tell me what you think. Would love to hear from my readers.  Barbara  

5 thoughts on “My-Pet-Toys-and-Stuff:The Cat Litter Box and Litter”

  1. This is a great article.  In my cat world I have discovered a few different things telling me that cats really do have big minds and do a lot of thinking for themselves.

    I choose to buy good litter as I find it helps for smell, dust and so much more.  It also lasts longer.  However the big thing for myself is when I tried changing to a less costly litter my cats wouldnt use the litter box until I gave them their brand back.

    So I think its every cat for themselves and I believe they are one of the smartest animals on the planet.


  2. Good information about the importance of getting it right for the cat’s litter box. I especially like your input at the end of the article on the importance of the pet’s digestive system for their health… it’s just as important to them as it is to us as healthy humans. Cheers.

  3. Hi Barbara,

    I don’t think this topic is strange at all.  I think it’s a great article and you’ve provided a lot of useful information here.  You mentioned things I didn’t think of, such as a window near the litter box where outside cats may cause concern.  People are too quick to return pets to a shelter or abandon them for silly reasons such as this instead of doing their due diligence to figure out and understand their pet.  Thank you for doing your part in helping to bring clarity to understanding our furbabies.

  4. A very interesting article worth sharing for, not only to my family and friends but also to my neighbors whose cats always wander anywhere and everywhere finding shelters to live in comfortably especially the pregnant ones who like human, are also thinking of the comfort of their soon to be baby / babies.

    I myself had experienced and even wonder how that cat entered my house and quietly sheltered into the isolated and dark corner of my house. All I thought she was only one but surprisingly, with newly born babies. I recognized that cat and knew she belongs to one of my neighbors and so I turned her and the babies over immediately so they could be properly taken cared-of.

    Thanks indeed for this article and I’ll definitely share what I’ve learned here to every cat lover I know around.

    Good job and keep it up!


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