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How old is your cat or dog, really?

When people start talking about their pets, the topic usually gets around to deciding how old your pet is based upon your age.  Inevitably someone will come up with the age old answer,”Well they say that a dog ages about 7 years for every one of people years.” Then everybody begins to calculate how old “Fido” is  by multiplying his real years by seven. Read more:

Then somebody will want to calculate the age of his cat the same way. “Well, I guess “Socks” was born about 5 years ago so that would make her about 35.  This kind of idle “guesstimation” of your pet’s age is just that-a guess. However it is helpful to know the real age of your pet, for health related reasons.

Science clarifies the animal to human age ratio

Researchers have begun to use science to test out the theory of the 7:1 ratio and have discovered that the theory  is just that–only a theory. The idea that a year of a dog’s life matches seven in human years is just not accurate, according to a member of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association.

Researchers are starting to put some real science behind the myth to see how accurate it is and they are finding that it is commonly linked to life span statistics that are now considered outdated. But the good news is that they have gained some insight into how a pet’s life span can be calculated.

Researchers have found that the breed of  a dog or cat can impact aging. Larger breeds tend to have shorter life spans, while cats and smaller dogs are considered “senior” after seven years.

Age itself is not a disease, but so called senior pets can develop age-related problems. And in order for Pet Parents to provide the proper care for their pet, it’s important to have a rough estimate of their pet’s age.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, (AVMA), and the latest research, these are comparisons of cat and dog years to human years:

Pet age ratio to human age:

Age 7 : 44 = small dogs            Age 7 : 56 = large dogs    Age 7 : 54 =cats

Age 10 : 56 to 78= dogs           Age 10 : 63 – cats

Age 15 : 76 to 115 = dogs        Age 15  :73 = cats

Age 20 : 96 to 120 = dogs      Age 15 : 97  =cats


A brief explanation of  the above chart : a seven year old small dog is approximately the same age as a 44 year old human.   A seven year old large dog  is equivalent to a 56 year old human.   A  seven year old cat is about the same age as a 54 year old human.

Senior pets and age related problems

Even though senior pets can develop age related problems, good care can help them live happy, healthy and active lives. According to the AMVA, older pets are likely to develop conditions  such as kidney and liver disease, heart. cancer, or arthritis.

Almost half of the deaths of pets over the age of 10 is attributed to cancer. Dogs will develop cancer at approximately the same rate as humans, while cats develop cancer at a lower rate.

It’s normal for pets to lose some of their sight and hearing as they age. Older pets can develop cataracts and may not respond to voice commands.

You will notice when your pet cannot hear as well as he used to, but poor eyesight is a little harder to detect. If you look at your pet square in the face, you will notice that your pet’s eyes are full open in order to let more light in. Also, if you look close, your pet’s eyes appear blank.

Even though your cat or dog has failing eyesight, they can still get around well in familiar surroundings.Try not to rearrange the furniture or add new pieces that could become hazardous for them.

Regular exams detect problems early

According to the AVMA, pets are living longer now than ever before, thanks to better care. Our pets need extra care and attention as they get older and educating the pet parent also contributes to our them living longer lives.

Regular veterinary care can detect problems before they become advanced or life threatening, and can improve the chances of a longer and healthier life for our fur babies. They bring so much love and joy into our lives that it behooves us to give them a healthy, long, happy life.    Pet Care Trends


Why you should spay or neuter your Pet(s)

“Well I’d like to give my pet a chance to experience sex(love) just once before I have her (him) “fixed.” People who use that idea as an excuse not to spay or neuter their pets are being irresponsible and downright foolish.

To dogs and cats procreation is just that -continuing the species. Pets know nothing about overpopulation and all the horrors of being in the world with no prospects for food, shelter and protection.

Unless you have a pure bred animal that you intend to breed for show and to sell the offspring, there is no reason to not spay or neuter your new- found furry companion.

Thanks to the ASPCA(American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals),a national organization with many local branches, awareness of the necessity for local spay/neuter programs has been brought to the attention of local communities and individuals.

The ideal vision is to have a community where all dogs and cats can have a safe and loving home.The reality is that there are only so many households adopting pets in any given community.  Spring is an ideal time remind pet parents why spaying  or neutering pets is so important.

Five reasons to spay or neuter your Pet

1. Spaying or neutering can reduce the homeless pet population. Controlling the number of animals being born helps to control the number of homeless cats and dogs. Some homeless animals come from homeless strays on the street. Others can come from a beloved family pet who just happened to get  out of the yard. It doesn’t matter whether residents adopt a pet from a shelter or already have a family pet, spaying or neutering is still the best way to control the pet population.

2 .Spaying or neutering helps to reduce infections and decreases the chances of cancer and other diseases. Pets overall are healthier and can live longer.

3. Animals who are not spayed or neutered can develop some bad habits. Cats are notorious for marking their territory by spraying urine. Dogs can bark excessively and mount other dogs or inanimate objects or a guest’s leg –if you are having a party.  Your pet’s activities can be very embarrassing.Your pet will have much better behavior after spaying or neutering.

4.The cost of spaying or neutering a pet is much less than the cost of caring for a litter of kittens or puppies, and it is a one time expense.

5. These procedures can be low cost.Some veterinarians will offer low cost spay/neuter programs for low income owners. Some communities also offer spay/neuter clinics periodically. Contact your local Humane Society or a local ASPCA group for help in finding a low/cost Spay/Neuter program.

There are more abandoned pets than there are adopting households so, be a responsible Pet Parent. Have your dog or cat spayed or neutered. You will have a healthier and much more loving and well behaved pet. Encourage your neighbors to do the right thing for their pets and the community, too.

Good exercise

If you have the room, the heart and the income to support more than one pet, consider adopting more than one. Two cats from the same litter will cohabit quite easily and will enjoy the company while you are away at work all day or all night. -domesticated -cats

Dogs usually learn fairly easily to get along together. And just think of all the exercise you will be getting.     Pet Care Trends     Based on material courtesy Google alerts.

Would love to hear from my readers. These articles touch on some very important issues for our furry four-legged friends. Hope you think so too.




29 thoughts on “Dog and Cat Years Compared to Human Years”

  1. Hi,

    I loved your blog.

    I do have a husky and I really love my dog and I have been thinking a lot of spaying my dog but I seem to have thought over the years that it is morally wrong and I cannot do that to my pet I don’t know maybe in the future.

    Thanks for your info.

    1. Michael,Thanks for your comment . I don’t know if you live in a rural area or a city/town. I don’t  know if she runs free or is confined to a fenced area. You mentioned you are considering spaying–which indicates that your husky is a female.I don’t know her age. I will say this—the older a dog is the harder it is for them to recover from any operation. Take care of your husky and the next dog you get consider having him neutered or her spayed anytime after they turn 6 months old. The only thing immoral is indiscriminate breeding and leaving little puppies without homes .

  2. The real idea behind spaying of pets are been misunderstood by some people. Even I did see much reason to start the process of spaying pets but I now have clarity in most areas. I also made miscalculations about my dogs age and sometimes I laugh at myself but thank you for this very well researched article. It is of great help

  3. This article is so amazing and I have learnt so much about this. I never knew cats usually live longer than I taught. My knowledge didn’t go that far and I taught cats usually live for 3 years lower. Now i know how long cat lives and I deeply appreciate for letting me have more knowledge about this thanks alot.

      1. My cat is almost 22, an outdoor cat that’s only recently falling to kidney failure… she was a rescued baby feral, who perhaps rescued us, she taught us courage and loyalty as my children grew up with her. Rescue, spay and adopt 🙏🏻

  4. Honestly, I love your concluding advice – be a responsible per parent. Many of us wants to keep pets but don’t want to love them like our children. Just like children need care and love so do our pets.
    Like you said not spaying or neutering your pet is an act of irresponsibility. Why pass the poor animal through a continuous process of regeneration when you can help her out

  5. Very informative. I never knew that pets can have cancer or eye problems. I’ve never even come across the word spaying or neutering before until I read through the article. Thanks for the information and enlightening us on how to take better care of our pets in order for them to live healthier and longer. Thanks a lot 

    1. Juliet, thanks for your comments. I know in some places in this big world of ours that the care of animals is difficult. I’m glad I could give you some helpful information.  In order to keep a female dog or cat from having many litters of kittens or puppies, a trained animal doctor will do a simple operation called spaying. The operation is called neutering when done on a male dog or cat. Both operations must be done by a trained professional.

  6. That ‘s a helpful review of the real problem many pet owners can have. I think the theory of 7:1 year relation human-animal is kind of dogma. To be 100% honest I never knew how to count the age of my cat, respectively the dog I had. It is very interesting that the breed, for example, can have a huge impact on that. I like your approach towards the need for spaying. I never thought it has such benefits. Now, I know that when I am going to have my next pet, I will definitely let him or her be spayed and I will much more check his or her age and to it related health issues. Thank you very much for your guidance, I really liked your post!

    1. Thank you for commenting on my article. I am pleased that you found good information in general to help you care for your pets.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful article with us.I raise a dog and my dog’s name is John.And I’ve been keeping this when the dog was very young, and it’s almost two years old now.But when people started talking about pets, I had no idea how the age depended on their age.After reading your registration I got an idea about this and I got an account of my puppy’s age.And your registration is completely matched to your registration.I love your article and I really enjoyed reading it.

  8. First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with me and I have a dog that is a very good friend of mine. I think I need to know the actual age to be aware of my dog’s health .But some techniques were needed to know the actual age of the dog and through your article I gained some more knowledge. And these tips are really great for finding out the real age of my dog .Knowing the actual age has enabled my dog to reduce neutering infections and prevent cancer and other diseases .The cost of neutering is much lower .All in all, it has been a lot easier to take care of my dog and through your article I can see that using the same technique for cats can lead to better results. 

    I will definitely be delivering your article to my friend because she has a cat and hopefully will get very good results and will definitely share her new experience.

  9. Interesting to see that scientists are putting in some real science begins the myth  of dog years. I can remember especially as a kid saying this dog or that dog is so many human years old, but I never considered breed to be a factor so that’s also interesting. Regular exams, spade and neutering. these are all sound advice for pets. I think adopting is great and adopting more than one pet is probably something that people don’t often consider, so this is a helpful reminder about adopting multiple animals. Age is really important when it comes to pet care so this is excellent awareness. Great post and keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for your comments. I have two cats that I adopted about 13 years ago. Never regretted having two.Pets enrich your life.

  10. Our pets can develop age-related problems. If our pets are too old, they need to be cared for. We have to keep in mind various things for their health and living. As they get older, they are more likely to develop kidney and liver conditions, and cancer, arthritis is more likely to cause diseases, so it is our moral responsibility for our pets to take care of these issues. In order to be aware of the body and health of our pets, we must check these pets on a regular basis, after testing the test, identify their disease by the doctor and arrange for their treatment. Spaying or neutering can reduce homeless pet populations. Controlling the number of animals born helps control the number of homeless cats and dogs. Paying or neutering helps reduce infections and reduces the chances of cancer and other diseases. Pets are overall healthier and more likely to live. I have learned about these issues in detail by reading your article and this is very useful for my pet. I have become aware of my pet’s disease and I am detailing my pet in a timely manner and taking it to the doctor and treating it. Knowing the way and I like it very much.

    1. Thank you for your comments.  Glad you were able to find some good information that will benefit you and your pets.

  11. I really liked the article about your animals. From your post I learned about the ratio of animal to human age.
    Thanks so much for sharing this post with us.

    I have a pet named Tammy. Tammy’s age is 6 years 6 months I calculate his age. I took her to the veterinarian once a month for testing. I care about Tammy like my baby. I agree with you, pets need extra care and attention as they grow older. And our extra care contributes to them living longer.

    I hope pet lovers should read this post. And they should be more careful about their pets.

  12. Hi, It is really a nice article. I am a pet lover. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. They are really good in behavior. You have compared dogs and cats age with people. Your article is really educative. I have learned a lot through your article. Though I have many dogs and cats, I don’t know enough about them. You have given a pet age ratio to human age which is really interesting to read. You have told the dog’s problem. I got enough knowledge of reading your article. You have shown us  five reasons to spay or neuter the pet. Thanks a lot for the informative post.

  13. Now, I have an idea on how to pacify our pet dogs here. They must be neutered as you said here because one of the reasons why dogs quarrel is because they want to mate one female dog all at the same time. But how do I neuter my pet dog? Do I need to contact a veterinarian or should I do it myself, the neutering of my pet dogs? 

    I like the way you reveal here about how to compute the age of our pet dogs. It is only now that I learned about them. Now, I have an idea of how old our dog, Courage, now is. I will first inquire from the first owner what’s the exact birth date of our dog to estimate how old he is now.

    1. Thanks Gomer for your comments. Glad I could clear up the age question for you. DON’T neuter your own dogs. And a lot depends upon their age. Consult with a licensed veterinarian. If they are several years old, I would say leave them alone.

  14. Hello there,thanks for sharing this awesome article as I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i have heard alot about the measure or age ratio between human dogs and cat and I must say its a really well studied research as I  encountered something like this on the internet sometime ago but due to the fact that it wasn’t as detailed as this one…..I couldn’t really understand it but it was made clear that the live span of dogs ranged from 7-21 years and this your article has proven thanks alot…

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