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Barbara Nelson

The primary purpose of this website is to promote the general welfare of pets in a loving home environment.

Second purpose is to help Pet Parents understand their four-legged family members; what makes them do silly things and how they communicate their wants and needs to us.

I am not a veterinarian or an animal therapist. I am just a person who loves animals and hates to see any animal sick or hurt in any way. My first thought is to find a way to help them and relieve their fear and pain.

In today’s world, oftentimes humans inflict pain and fear in animals-most times by accident or ignorance, but once in a while for our own convenience and fun.

One such new invention is the wind turbine that can supply electricity without burning coal. Only problem is that when we have a whole field of turbines all whirling to the pressure of the wind,  birds run into them and are shredded. No one has given us much information on how many birds are killed this way.

Rodeos are not much fun for horses and cows. Donkeys are hurt terribly when full grown men ride them . Some troubled people start out hurting small animals when they are young, and grow up to hurt their fellow man.

But many people really do not know how to tell when our four-legged  friends need help. I can’t be all knowing about all things animal, but if I can help one animal by giving his/her owner information on how to take care of that animal, I will consider that I have done my part.

Humans and animals have shared this planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Man learned that he could domesticate animals early on to provide transportation, food and clothing. Horses took us from one place to another; cows, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens became important food sources and  provided materials for clothing.

Animals that could assist us in maintaining our daily life were allowed to live in close proximity. Cats would gratefully clear out the barns and chicken coops of rodents in exchange for a warm place to sleep.

Dogs were valuable as sheep herders and in cattle roundups. They made excellent alarm systems with their loud barking.

Eventually, cats and dogs became pets, sharing our homes, our beds and daily lives . Pet care has become big business, and we, as doting pet parents, still have a lot to learn about our beloved animal friends.

Would love to hear from my readers anytime about anything having to do with your pets–I will always answer.